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Team Albatross is fundraising for Active Row, a programme run by LYR. Sport is one of the most powerful tools to support and guide all young people, but it's not a level playing field and those who need it the most face the biggest barriers. Equally not all young people fit into the popular running and ball sports, leaving behind thousands. LYR was created to ensure that those who are left behind have an opportunity to find a sport that works for them and access the vital life skills and basic developmental needs they're at risk of being excluded from.

Why Rowing? Rowing is a powerful sport, the ultimate team sport, and the life skills young people can build by participating in it are hugely valuable. Active Row gives young people across the country the chance to take part in rowing, with LYR providing equipment and trained, motivating coaches for free to more than 90 partner schools across the UK. Active Row has an enormous potential to keep growing and help support thousands of young people from some of the most disadvantaged areas in the UK.

Active Row only works in schools who have a high proportion of pupils who qualify for pupil premium (household income of less than £17,000 a year). The students who get involved with our programme have the most incredible stories of hardship, deprivation, and access to basic societal needs. When these young people try rowing and want to come back, we know we're doing the right thing.

Our measure of success isn't our students' ability to row, it's the life skills we focus on around the sport: team work, problem solving, aiming high, staying positive and leadership. This is the true value of the sport, and our mission is to enable young people to who wouldn't otherwise have the chance to find and achieve their potential through these life skills, in whatever path they choose. We will need all these same skills as we take on the GB Row challenge. 

Thank you for taking part and showing your support, whether by making a donation or putting together a team to take on the virtual GB Row challenge. We're reaching out to new communities and looking to continue the communities we are currently in, for which your generous donation makes possible.

Thank you.

Andy and the Active Row team.


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